Digicompact DVBS2/CI modul

Digicompact DVBS2/CI modul #MS8715

Cijena: 1.520,00 kn
Brand: Engel

- Transmodulation station for Satellite & Terrestrial Digital TV to PAL/SECAM with C.I.
- Ideal for satellite & terrestrial digital TV distribution in hotels and communities which do not have DTT TV’s or DTT receivers
and using the existing RF cable.
- Possibility to combine up to 6 transmodulation boards per cabinet.
- PAL/SECAM output from DVB/S, DVB/S2 and DVB/T input signal.
- Optional wideband amplifi er.
- Robust, lockable and ventilated aluminum cabinet with power supply and remote control.
- Compatible with previous existing systems & possibility to cascade several cabinets in a single installation.
- Easy to install (two screws per module) and to maintain (independent modules)

- DVB/S(QPSK) and DVB/S2(8PSK) to PAL/SECAM transmodulation
boards (MS8710/11 - MS8715/15S)
- DVBT to PAL/SECAM transmodulation board (MS8720/21)
- High sensitivity satellite and terrestrial tuner
- MPEG-2/4 decoder (MS8715/15S)
- High quality with low spurious V/UHF VSB modulator
- Level regulation and MUTE function for an easy installation
- Special tuning surveillance (double Watchdog)
- Common Interface decoding (Viaccess, Seca, Irdeto, Conax, Nagra, etc..)
- Multiple decoding with a single CAM+card (Transport Stream Sharing)